Tasmanian Quinoa landline program link

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Recently Landline -ABC did a great story about and Lauran and Henriette Damen and their farm Kindred organics in Tasmania Australia. It really makes you appreciate this couple and all the work they have done to produce quinoa in Australia. Gluten Grain Free is really proud to support them. Link to the show is below.



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We now are shipping world wide. For the moment all shipping is coming from Australia. As we build up a customer base world wide we will set up warehouses in other coutries.

Shipping prices are based on what Australia Post charges

Sometimes if it will not increase shipping prices to add a few more items we will contact you.

Where to eat?

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We have recently started selling our products to restaurants. Yeah now you can go out to eat. (more…)

General FAQS

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General FAQS

What started you making grain-free and gluten-free products?

We started off only making gluten free pasta, a close friend who has four children with severe allergies needed food that was not only gluten free but also GRAIN free, she asked if we could make pasta out of a limited list of flours her children could eat. After about a year of experimenting with my friend’s family and ours being the guinea pigs we got it right! It just so happens we were not the only ones with a need and through Word of mouth our’ pasta became a growing business. We now make a range of grain free breakfast cereal and pancakes, resell grain free flours and are always looking to expand. (more…)